About Springsteen & Somerville

Springsteen & Somerville provides superior and cost effective cleaning and housekeeping services to private and commercial clients throughout the Lothians. 
By treating our clients and staff as individuals, each with their own specific needs, we aim to provide a thoroughly focused, personal, and streamlined service at all times. Whether a private individual, or a commercial client, we greatly value your custom and we shall strive to engage with you to ensure that your requirements are fully met. At Springsteen & Somerville, we care about what we do, and how we do it; this is the measure of our success and is what differentiates us in the market. Getting things right from the outset is one of the main principles of our business at Springsteen & Somerville In order to achieve this, we have in place sophisticated and comprehensive quality assurance, customer care, and service level processes which ensure the delivery of a consistently high level of service at all times:

Our Environmental and Ethical Credentials

  • Strong, ethical leadership. We choose the path that is ethically correct, as opposed to one that is purely financially driven, and this culture is replicated throughout the business
  • We have a core value statement which is adopted company wide
  • We respect our clients by listening to feedback and assessing needs. We respect our staff by valuing opinions and treating each employee as an individual. And we respect our suppliers by paying on time and by using fair buying practices
  • WE ARE A GREEN COMPANY! Yes we use eco-cleaning products- that’s the easy part! Made from bio-degradable and renewable ingredients. And vegan friendly. And they work! But there’s little point in using eco-friendly products if we drive around in diesel vehicles, or fail to negate our carbon footprint- which is why we do so much more!
  • All equipment is A rated or higher
  • Committed to and working towards ISO14001 accreditation by way of a formal EMS (Environmental Management System) - we are serious about the environment and our impact upon it.
  • All suppliers vetted for their environmental and ethical credentials- right down to include who we bank with
  • All company vehicles are 100% electric
  • WE GIVE BACK by supporting environmental causes either by way of financial donations or labour resource, and in so doing we help also to offset our carbon emissions


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